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Featured on this site are Women who specialize in financial domination and money fetishes. Does the thought of surrendering your finances to intelligent and attractive women turn you on? Men can be so easy to manipulate and abuse, and these Money Dommes enjoy exploiting submissive men for their own sadistic pleasure and monetary gain. Have you ever had a crush on a Woman who played with your head and simply used you for your money? Maybe you did her all kinds of favors, knowing she was kissing other men. But she never let you touch her, did she? Even though you gave her all the money you could. Even though you bought her the expensive jewelry she wanted, ran errands for her, did chores for her. She just wasn't interested in you as a lover or a boyfriend.

So you developed a fetish for being used. You became accustomed to touching yourself at home, looking at a photo of her in the pantyhose and dress that you bought her. Knowing that she was at her lover's house, probably in his bed. The muscular one, whom she said is very well-endowed. You couldn't help but thinking how inadequate you are in comparison. Even if you had a better body, you just wouldn't be any good in bed. You came to realize that the only way you could ever please a woman is by being, well... a slave. Doing what she asks, no matter what the cost. And taking any abuse she wishes to dish out to you, whether it be physical or mental. Any attention from her is a gift.

So here you are now, on this financial domination website, desperately craving some attention from a heartless and greedy Domina. Women who live lives of luxury and decadence at the expense of weak and horny fools who will never escape this endless and vicious cycle. We make no apologies for who we are. In fact, we know we are entitled to this place we have in the lives of hundreds of adoring submissives. We are here to be worshipped and served, and you are here to do our every bidding.

Financial Domination by Domina Kiara

financial domme

"Domme/sub relationships are about power exchange, and, in our culture, money is power. Financial Domination, therefore, is the ultimate form of online power exchange. Bruises fade, but debt is forever. Serving financially is something that never leaves your mind. When you think about what to have for dinner or if you should go hang out with your friends, I will come to your mind because you will have to decide if you have enough left in your budget after serving Me... And that is true slavery. !" ~Domina Kiara

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Financial Domination by Princess Mandy

financial domination

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Financial Domination by Mistress of Hypnosis

financial domination

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Financial Domination by Princess Monique

financial domination

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financial domination

financial domination

financial domination

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