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Guidelines for Financial Dommes Listed on this Site

If you are a female Financial Dominant / Money Mistress who would like to be listed at Financial Enslavement, please be sure you meet the following requirements before sending a request to

1. No content models, please. You must use your own image to represent yourself. For many of us, financial domination is a lifestyle, and we believe in being honest with the money slaves who tribute us. This includes being honest about our appearence. The images of Financial Dommes at Financial Enslavement have been altered for artistic purposes, but the images are indeed of the Money Mistresses that are heard on the phone, audio files, etc.

2. You must have a NiteFlirt listing. This site has been made with the primary purpose of promoting the Financial Dommes who use NiteFlirt as a platform through which to safely, sensually, and/or sadistically interact with their money slaves.

3. Your Financial Domination listing must be under $25 per minute. You can alter your cost during sessions, as part of a rase-the-rate game, for example. But for those listed on this site, we want to narrow the chances that a Financial Domme is simply logged on in order to advertise her pay-to-view files, which tends to be the case with many Money Mistresses who set their Financial Domination lines at more than $25 per minute.

4. No ignore lines. This site is for Financial Domination listings where the Money Mistress will interact with her money slaves and submissives.

5. Have positive feedback. You must have at least 250 feedback points already acquired on your NiteFlirt Financial Domination listing, and your feedback must be primarily positive (an overall 5-star rating is a must).

If you meet the above requirements and would like to be listed on this site, please send an e-mail to which includes the following:

1. The URL to your NiteFlirt Financial Domination listing

2. A 200x175 image of yourself, or an image that can be cropped to those dimensions. Note: It is fine if you would rather not show your whole face; other parts of your body (such as cleavage, feet, or just a portion of your face) are fine. Just as long as the image is of yourself.

3. Please include a quote, written by yourself, on the topic of financial domination / money slavery. It should be approximately 5 sentences long, give or take. This is required only if you would like a link to a site other than your NiteFlirt Financial Domination listing to be added.

4. A link to your personal blog or website, if you have one outside of NiteFlirt that you would like to bring traffic to (Not required)

5. The code for your $100 NiteFlirt tribute button, if you have one (Not Required)

6. If you have a Twitter account and would like to be added to the Twitter widget on this site, please include the URL to your Twitter.

Thanks for your interest, lovely Ladies. Money slaves, rest assured that Financial Enslavement features top-quality Financial Mistresses.

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